Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why not?

Is what I thought when deciding to start a blog. I've a laundry list of "new" in my life at the moment, why not add blogging to the list?

I'm a new SAHM. Not a new mom by any stretch of the word but new to being home with the kidlets. I always had a black and white "June Cleaver" image of my mother pop into my head at the thought of being unemployeed. I'm doing my best to wipe the thought from my head as I fill my life with TONS of things my mother would have never done.

I kept busy with work and a million and one things on my "to do" list until I felt like I was drowning. My wonderful husband held this offer out on a silver plater to me....He said, "You don't HAVE to work, You don't HAVE to stay home either but you DO have to be happy."

So here I am, making that happen by being a SAHM to our 3 year old daughter, something I didn't have a chance to do with our 11 year old son.

I've discovered so far that I love gardening. It's quit theraputic and one thing that I don't mind having in commen with my mother. It helps me to understand her a little better and it also gives us something to talk about.

I started taking Tae Kwan Do with my darling young man....we'll call him J. He's now a black tip while I'm a "novice" white belt, soon to be yellow tip. For years I've watched a mother and son duo, who are now both black belts, wishing that I could do that until one day I said ,"why not?"

I've also discovered a love/hate relationship with running that always seems to be on rocky ground. I take 2 steps forward only to take 3 back when I get lazy. I want to be a runner so bad that I can invision myself in awesome shape and doing races on a whime, like most of my runner friends....then I wake up and I'm strapped to my treadmill waiting for my interval to be over so I can walk for a minute.

I'm running late for a Tae Kwan Do torture session. I mean, class *grin*

I tell you no lies when I say our instructor makes Jillian Michaels from ,"The Biggest Loser," look like a softy. The man is a drill sergeant and if I'm late I'll surely have to run extra laps. Can't let THAT happen, wouldn't want the ol treadmill getting jealous.


Viv said...

Looks great, sweetie! Welcome to the blog world.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Hi! Looks good!