Tuesday, June 17, 2008


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It's what I kept telling myself as I watched the clock on my treadmill tick away the last of my run 4 of my intervals this morning.

Focus on the music blaring from the i-pod. Focus on your breathing. Focus on the racing number of your first and only 5K attempt...ok, maybe don't focus on that. Focus on anything except the stupid clock! What's 4 minutes of your life anyway, right? RUN YOU PISSY LITTLE BITCH!

Sorry, I'm sometimes brutal on myself when I'm attempting to talk myself out of quiting. Maybe I should make a list and hang it where that stupid number is to refer to in my moments of weakness. Here goes nothing!

Why I Run by:me

~ I run because I'm still super fat and I don't want to be anymore.

~ I run because I don't want to take the same path of family related diabetes, arthritis, knee replacement, heart disease and most importantly I don't want to be dead when I have way more life in my heart than what I have left in my body.

~ I run because I LOVE the sound of my 3 year old daughter's voice when she yells," mommy! you running?!" Though my first 5K sucked the sound of her voice as I crossed the finish line made me feel like a winner.

~ I run because I LOVE the sound of pride in my son's voice when he tells his friends, "my mom runs," or when he says, "mom, can I go run with you?"

~ I run because I LOVE the way the first 10-15 minutes feel, I just wish the last 10-15 felt as great.

~ I run because I can. 50 pounds ago I found it difficult to walk, carry my daughter, hold my head up high.....

~ I run because I WILL make it to 20, 30 and who knows how long without QUITING!

OK, I think I'm focused now....


Al's CL Reviews said...

I thought I was the only one to talk to myself like that.

paige said...


Many times Ryan has opened the door to the gym and has asked,"who in the hell you talking to?"

Viv said...

That focus pic made me dizzy. LOL!
Whatever gets you through the run. You can do it! (said in my best Waterboy movie voice)