Friday, June 13, 2008

Life Lessons 101, Tae Kwan Do Style

When I first started Tae Kwan Do I was a meek and insecure little creature. I was afraid to say the Korean words wrong so I allowed everyone else to let out their warrior cries while I stood in the last row and "made believe "I was a martial artist. I said the words in my head but not with my mouth OR my heart. Want to know what that earned me? Push ups and lot's of em!

Why in the heck did I never think of taking Tae Kwan Do when I was working. I could have really put my new mentality to the test then.

Physical discomfort wills you to a place you never thought you'd go. It'll make you yell like a mad man, or wo-man, who's ready to reach out and steal away the courage of another. Before long you actually believe that you can and soon thereafter you KNOW you can and it's a feeling that can't be discribed.

Come on people!! It's a simple word....TAI!! Turns out it's easier to say than it is to spell.

My mind is reeling as I drop for a second set of 20. I've learned the valuable lesson of speaking up for myself but no one has ever quit explained it to me this way before. Everyone suffers right along with you for the missing voice of one. Whether it be the person doing push ups next to you or the people you've rubbed shoulders and bumped heads with for years in a place you thought was home.

Man, that SUCKED! I do NOT want to do that again! I must have REALLY pissed some people off before I found my warrier. What is wrong with him?! Does he not believe in AC?! I now know why all the black belts run to line up...they've been around long enough to score a spot by the fan!

I'll also have to remember to have a long talk with J about holding the kick pad properly because my death stares are doing no good. How the heck am I supposed to throw everything I've got into a back kick if I can't trust he'll be there with the pad!?

Even after having my heart broken by someone I greatly admired, which landed me a new career as a novice, I can't help but throw myself into everything with all the trust I have in my entire being. It's part of me and no knife can cut it away... but a hyper extended knee can, which is what happened a couple of kicks ago when the pad wasn't where it was supposed to be.

"Hold the pad right," I say through clenched teeth.

I just wanna smack him as he looks at me with those big doe eyes with the silent,"what ?" screaming from eyes filled with tears about to spill over. I don't know where the heck he get's that super sensitive shit from. Ok, now that's just funny right there. He is definantly his mother's son.

"Hold it a little tighter and slightly out son," I say as I soften my tone.

Besides, my technique isn't quit right so I'm sure that the knee thing was partially my fault....maybe.

"JUN BEE!" screams my warrior instructor.

(translation: "READY STANCE!")

I gather everything I have from deep within my tired and sweety body, while mentally willing the kid next to me to do the same because I am SO kicking his ass when we spar if I have to do another 2o.



Viv said...

I have no idea how you dod that Tae Kwan Do, but ya love it we should all do what we love especially if it is good for you ;-)